At a glance: GeoSight chose Design 1st to help develop an ultra-rugged 2.5 inch diameter watertight LiDAR Scanner that could pass 100m down mining boreholes to examine and log the hole periphery for a variety of reasons. 3D Rendering of … Read More


At a glance: Delphax engaged Design 1st to design, engineer and prototype dozens of internal modules for their a ultra-high-speed 70,400 jet printer that fires up to 700 million drops of ink per second. A new method for wetting paper … Read More

C-Com Satellite Systems

At a glance: C-Com chose Design 1st to develop a portable antenna system that was rugged, weather proof and reliable. The output was a functional prototype and manufacture ready auto tracking mobile antenna design. Satellite Dish Concept Design with engineering … Read More


At a glance: Sky-X came to Design 1st with a unique design challenge: build a rugged, climate-controlled weatherproof container to house, protect and maintain a drone for remote operation. 3D CAD Model of Base Shipping Container Proof of Function Prototype … Read More