At a glance:

Delphax engaged Design 1st to design, engineer and prototype dozens of internal modules for their a ultra-high-speed 70,400 jet printer that fires up to 700 million drops of ink per second. A new method for wetting paper and a 360 degrees paper guide turn around was devised, designed and tested. Paper path mechanisms for high speed feeding, printing, drying and cutting were developed for Delphax.

3D CAD Concept of Main Components
3D CAD Model of Paper Feeder Mechanisms
Precision Machined Prototype – paper wetting module design was built and tested by D1 to characterize the limits of process
In-lab testing of paper feed speed limitations for turn around modules
Full Scale Prototype of printer frame design by D1
Parts design, ordering and Integration of electronics into mechanical Structure was coordinated and carried out with D1 suppliers
Functional Prototype externals for integration testing
Printing Module Prototype Testing
High Speed Printing on First Volume Production Unit
Technician Setting up Printing Test on Final Production Unit
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