At a glance:

GeoSight chose Design 1st to help develop an ultra-rugged 2.5 inch diameter watertight LiDAR Scanner that could pass 100m down mining boreholes to examine and log the hole periphery for a variety of reasons.

3D concept rendering
3D Rendering of Product with camera exploring 90 degrees from bore hole direction to enable investgation of voids and caverns underground

We were fortunate Design 1st had experience in outdoor products and Geotechnical probes. They were up to speed on the key mechanical challenges in a few hours of discussion and identified plausible low-risk solutions quickly to guide the choice of engine ring direction to focus on.

John Lupton, Managing Director at GeoSight
3D Electronics Rendering
Transparent Assembly – customn interior component
3D concept rendering
Field of View Scanner Flexibility
3D LiDar Scanner Prototype Parts
Prototype Parts – design, ordered and assembled for client testing
build out of prototype
Building Prototype assembly and custom electronics
design build of prototype
Final assembly of functioning prototype
design build of prototype
Final Prototype – ready for field testing
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