Smart Office

Tablo TV

At a glance: Tablo TV chose Design 1st to transform their technology into an elegant design enclosure that deals with the high heat output from advanced chipsets and stands out in the marketplace both in appearance and quality. 3D CAD … Read More

NorthVu Systems

At a glance: NorthVu came to Design 1st with innovative fractal antenna technology and a desire to make an elegant, compact, low-cost device that would give consumers access to free over-the-air HDTV channels. Early Concept Sketches of HDTV antenna device … Read More


At a glance: Talkswitch engaged Design 1st to refresh the industrial design and internal re-design of their legacy product line. The key was to catch the eye of Fortinet who subsequently aquired Talkswitch. Maximizing the visual and minimal hardware electronic … Read More

Cloud9 Technologies

At a glance: Cloud 9 engaged Design 1st to develop a mission critical communications smart multi-line phone ‘keyboard’ that connects with Cloud9’s new VOIP stock trader software. Product concept variants for the VOIP keys-phone interface device The Design 1st team … Read More