At a glance:

Talkswitch engaged Design 1st to refresh the industrial design and internal re-design of their legacy product line. The key was to catch the eye of Fortinet who subsequently aquired Talkswitch. Maximizing the visual and minimal hardware electronic changes led to a positive response from their customers and Fortinet.

Concept Exploration – examine 10 different differentiating visuals

The refresh of our product line was long overdue. The challenge of keeping the re-development costs low by minimizing the changes to the hardware electronics kept stalling us. Design 1st found a way to solve this and bring beauty to the product look. From start to finish they managed the process, provided information at the right time to allow us to make good business decisions.

– Eric Ramsden, Business Development Manager
FEA – thermal modelling simulations to plan volume and airflow
Mechanical Design -snap features and mold flows for high quality external part finishes
Final Production Product – marketing images demonstrating stackability on desks
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