Internet of Things

Fantasy Scoreboards

At a glance: Fantasy Scoreboards came to Design 1st after a failed experience with another design firm & manufacturer. The result was an entire redesign of the product creating a 50% reduction in cost and ready for volume production in … Read More


At a glance: Design 1st transformed a napkin sketch concept for a wearable personal security location monitor into a manufacturable design in under 9 weeks. Early stage concept sketches of device exploring look and features 3D CAD of device concept … Read More

SafeXract Mining Co.

At a glance: South African based SafeXtract sought out Design 1st to help transform a need to improve safety of miners by monitoring their health and location using a connected mining helmet. A fast low cost minimum-viable-product (MVP) prototype was … Read More


At a glance: ARC Devices hired Design 1st to transform their innovative vital sign monitoring technology into a finger cuff hardware device that would integrate with the Lenovo smartphone MODO platform. The output was a fully functional, production ready prototype … Read More